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Payroll has more moving parts than you might expect…

It’s crucial to pay your employees on time and in the right amount, but there’s more to it. The proper deductions need to be made for each employee, accurate records must be kept, and strict labour and insurance regulations need to be followed. This can get complicated, especially if you have multiple employees or employees paid at different rates. Payroll is your responsibility as a small business owner. Luckily, it’s one that many outsource. That’s where we come in. At Bayside Financial, our expert team takes care of this entire process for you.

Whether you have one employee or dozens, we take the load of payroll off your shoulders. Payroll can be one of the most time-consuming financial aspects of running a business, because it needs to be done in a timely manner, on a regular basis. We tailor our payroll services to fit each one of our clients and their business needs. We work in close communication with our clients to ensure that our service fits your needs and we answer any questions or concerns that you might have.

Here is an overview of the Payroll Services we provide for you:

We use QuickBooks financial software to assist us with many of our services, because it is one of the most trusted programs on the market. We only use tools that we can trust as professionals, so you can trust us.
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